When will my Morel Seed Packs be shipped? 

Different areas of the country will receive product at various times. Northern states will see order arrive mid-late September. Southern states should expect delivery mid-late October.

Does this really work?

Yes! If you follow the directions carefully and take care of your patch it will work. Of coarse Mother Nature can dictate how good your crop will be. We are always testing and love feedback from our customers to help overall results for everyone. 

Will my patch come back every year?

The Morel Seed Pack will fruit for one spring. 

How many morels will the Morel Seed Pack Produce?

Approximately 17

When do I plant?

Planting can be done in the fall when the ground temperature drops and remains below 68 degrees. We will send the Morel Seed Packs as close to your local planting time as possible. A good indicator to plant is when the leaves begin to fall and the 70s are gone for the year.